Advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites.

When Internet was developed the main aim for the development was for sending communication in a faster mode to other place.

When Internet was developed the main aim for the development was for sending communication in a faster mode to other place.

But in 2004 when orkut and face book (social net working site) was developed it was the first choice of youngsters. At the initial stage of social networking sites maximum youth were using it to be in touch with friends as it was the easiest way to find out their school friend or college friend across the world. Slowly it become the most effective people search web site ( we generally get connected through similar community) for example someone has created a community/page with your school name you can join there and search for your friends, ju

niors, seniors or teacher and can be easily in touch with each other.
When millions of people join and use those social networking sites then it was not limit in just for searching friends or fun, entertainment. Many people started promoting their business through social networking sites as they can get easily maximum promotion of their products, web site or blog.

The benefits does not end at this level only, some employers started recruiting employees by viewing profiles of person on social networking and for that Linkedin started its social networking service. Which is now world’s largest professional network. Where employees meet their employer to get recruit which is benefit to both employees and employeer. As employee get a various choice of job and employer reduce the advertisement cost for recruitment process.

Those are some advantages of social networking now we should understand even there some disadvantages of using those social networking sites.
When we join social networking sites we need to fill some information and our picture, so our profile information and picture can be misused by some criminal purpose. Some time some person used girls photo for nude purpose. Some time they hack our social networking site and get some personal information. So always be careful while filling your personal information on social networking site.
Rather than this disadvantages the main loss is wastage of time for students and children as they sit for hours and hours to chat with friends , sharing pictures etc. so there parents should be careful and make them understand not to use the study time for social networking.
Every service has advantages and dis advantages so before using we should understand the benefits and losses and should move according to our need.




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